Our professional experience has centered on preventive counseling for decision making, the representation or defense of human rights and of the family before the Courts, judicial acknowledgement of personal and/or family rights, as well as the intervention in alternative methods for the solution of controversies.

In regards to the preventive area, our professional services consist primarily in offering advice for the necessary procedures for the Civil Registry (late date registrations, corrections of administrative minutes, records of transactions entered into by Mexican citizens in foreign soil, etc.), counseling in the election of a marriage property regime, choosing of a prenuptial agreement, entering into a free union contract, counseling regarding civil aspects of domestic violence, and on the rights and obligations deriving from paternity, for the obtaining or granting of authorizations regarding the rights of minors, counseling on custody child support, and for the coexistence of minors for the execution of the respective agreements, counseling on the rights of an extended family, counseling on nationals and foreigners regarding adoptions, counseling on the rights of successors and for the granting of last wills, and in general counseling for the conciliatory solution to family conflict .

In the judicial area our professional experience covers the following areas:

  • Sustenance Rights.
  • Interdictions to retain or recover the possession of minors.
  • Loss or suspension of Legal Custody.
  • Modifications on marital status certifications.
  • Divorce (no fault, contested divorce, mutual consent, administrative).
  • Change in community property agreement.
  • Succession, testamentary and intestate probate proceedings.
  • Incapacity.
  • Authorizations for regulations of minor´s assets, disabled and absent as well as transaction regarding their rights.
  • Exemptions in order to contract a marriage.
  • Adoptions.
  • Care and custody of minors (Concession or loss, visitation rights and coexistence.
  • Naming of Tutors and Guardians.
  • Rendering of Tutelage accounts.
  • Processing of Testimonial Information.
  • Possession of legally recognized child.
  • Declaration of absence and presumption of death.
  • Separation of persons.
  • Illegality and illegitimacy of marriage.