Management and resolution of judicial and extrajudicial corporate and
commercial conflicts in general.
Concerning the corporate conflicts we advise the client regarding:

  • Implementing judicial or corporate strategies to acquire the control of companies.
  • Limitation of control of a group of shareholders.
  • Review and modification of Corporate Bylaws.
  • Consulting regarding the implementing of a Corporate Government in the family corporation.
  • Managing of family protocols.
  • Counseling on implementing a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. Independent counseling.
  • Counseling groups of shareholders to implement institutionalization or corporate government.
  • Counseling implementing business and business associations between groups of shareholders.
  • Counseling for protection of the position, or the assets and rights when implementing businesses and associations.
  • Counseling for recovery of assets and committed rights in the businesses and associations.
  • Counseling to meet the economic crisis and the business model of the corporation, including moderating the severity and risk of said circumstances.
  • Counseling for the comprehensive handling of the solution for corporate debts.